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Meet our Staff!!!

paula C bio pic.jpg

Paula Chambers,  Director/Extended Day Coordinator

Family is very important to me. I have three beautiful daughters that I love very much.  We spend lots of time together doing all kinds of things like going swimming, going out or staying in to watch a movie and we really love game night.  I also like music and reading.

After living near ACP for many years, God allowed their sign to catch my eye.  I enrolled my daughter and was able to see the love that was poured into my child.  I was a new stay-at-home mom and because of my child’s experience at ACP, God put the desire in my heart to impact little ones with the love of Jesus Christ.

My goal as Director is to ensure that ACP provides a safe learning environment with quality care for its students and their families for many years to come.  As Extended Day Coordinator my goal for the children is to provide them with experiences that extend beyond the classroom to create an even greater love of learning and help lay the foundation for their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

I have worked at ACP for 13 years in many capacities.  I've been a Subsitute Teacher, an Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher and my current position of Financial and Administrative Assistant and Extended Day Coordinator.  I have an A S degree in Early Childhood Development, Education and Management from Tallahassee Community College, as well as a Staff Credential  and a Florida Director's Credential.

Jinny bio pic (2).jpg

Jinny Robison, Financial & Administrative Assistant

I LOVE all things administration. Planning things, managing calendars, spreadsheets, balancing numbers, supporting others, and organizing are joys in my life. Even greater joys are my three beautiful children and husband of 20 years. I graduated from the University of Alabama and spent 10 years in the administration side of the medical field. I've been a stay at home mom for the last seven years, the most challenging but rewarding job yet. God opened some doors in some pretty neat ways for me to come back to work, giving me my dream job. Excel, a ministry I believe in (ACP), AND adorable children that I get to help teach about Jesus...perfection. I love to read, ride my motorcycle with friends, visit the Zoo and all the museums, and dive into God's Word. Thank you for this delightful opportunity to serve you, your children, and the Lord. 


Kim Pruitt, Lead VPK Teacher 4B

I have been married to my husband David for 30 years.  We first met as seniors in college while attending FSU.  We have two amazing  grown children.  My daughter Alaina and Son-in Law Jacob are stationed in Germany with the Air Force.  Jacob is working and also completing his B.S. and Alaina is working and pursuing her Masters degree.  My son Sean is a senior at University of Florida pursing a degree in Advertising with a Business Concentration.  Some of my favorite things to do outside work are taking walks outside with my pup, decorating and spending time at the pool and beach.

ACP has a special place in my heart.  I was led here when looking for a sweet part-time preschool for my own children.  I spent the first few years as a parent and a PTF Board member.  An opportunity soon presented itself for me  to be able to substitute and I fell in love with working with the children.  Shortly after the next year started, a teacher moved and I was asked if I was interested in taking her spot.  I jumped at the chance.  I was an assistant for two years then decided to pursue my CDA and teach fours and have been here every since.

I would like the children in my classroom to feel confidence in themselves to know that they can learn anything.  However, my greatest hope for them is that they will feel safe and loved in my classroom and that they will come to know that God created them unique and special and that He will love them always and forever. I have been at ACP for 22 years now.  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Florida Childcare Professional Certification.

Paula S.jpeg

Paula Surrency, Lead VPK Teacher 4D

I have two teenage girls, ages 21 and 18, and have been married for 23 years.  I love spending my time with family and friends; taking vacation trips and working with the children’s ministry at my church. 

God brought me to ACP through my own children coming to school here.  An opportunity opened for me to work at ACP and I realized how much of a blessing it was and how much I loved working with children.  I hope to accomplish making each child feel loved, happy and safe while they are in my care.

I have been working at ACP for 17 years and hold a Florida Childcare Professional Certification.

Vicky English, Lead VPK Teacher 4C 

My husband Bill and I have been married for 25 years and have 2 children.  Danny is attending Trinity Baptist College and Amanda is a freshman at Covenant College.  I like to read, travel and spend time with my family. I started as a room mom and volunteer in my daughter’s 3 year old class at ACP.  This is where I realized how much I enjoyed helping with children and being in the classroom. 

I want each child to know Jesus loves them and how special they are.  I want them to be independent and have the ability to do things on their own.  When leaving ACP, I want them to be prepared for a successful year in Kindergarten. This is my 16th year teaching at ACP.  I was a substitute and Assistant teacher before becoming a lead teacher.  I have an Associates degree in  Early Childhood Development, Education and Management.

Kim Spradley, Lead VPK Teacher 4A

I have been married to my husband, Robert,  for 31 years.  I have three lovely daughters, a wonderful son-in-law, and two active grandsons.  I enjoy family time, being involved in my church and art.

I have always enjoyed working with children, even as a teenager. Once I had an opportunity to work at a preschool, I found great fulfillment.  I believe God has given me a heart for children and families. He equips me to be in this position with creativity and patience. 

First and foremost, I hope to assure the children in my care that God loves them and has a special plan just for them.  I will work diligently to provide learning experiences to help them develop in every area. I hope to make a difference in their lives through warm relationships.

I have been working at ACP for 10 years.  I have over 13 years of experience in preschool education, hold a Florida Child Care Professional Certificate as well as a Florida Director's Credential and and an Associates of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Judy Lawrence, Lead Teacher 3's,

My wonderful family includes my daughter, Stephanie, and son-in-law, Shannon; my son Dave and daughter-in-law Rhonda and two grandchildren, Samantha and Phoenix.  I love up-cycling furniture with my sister, Donna, and all kinds of art including stained glass and making jewelry.

My brother was born when I was thirteen.  That's when I knew I loved babies.  I had a licensed home day care in Yuma, Arizona, after being blessed with my own two beautiful children.  My love to work with children grew and I went on to work at two elementary schools in Arizona and South Carolina.  Finally, Jesus led me to The Church at Argyle where I found ACP and had the opportunity to continue watching children blossom and grow and being able to love and guide them with God's love.

I have had numerous trainings on child growth and development throughout the years.  I hope to help the children develop with love and care, to express Jesus' love for them so they can carry that through their own lives, and to show them that by love and caring for others that love comes back to them.


Kristie's bio pic.jpeg

Kristie Ward, Lead Teacher 2's

 I started at ACP as a parent, then I began to sub which lead to me becoming an assistant teacher and now the lead teacher of the Terrific Twos. I have been married for over 10 years and I am the mother of 3 boys, who all attended ACP.

Niya Chambers, Assistant 2's & Extended Day Lead Teacher

I have a very close-knit family.  My parents are very kind and caring.  I also have two sisters.  They are my best friends and most of my free time is spent with them.  When I am not spending time with them, I am most likely somewhere reading or watching my favorite movie.  (Beauty and the Beast)

My sister attended this school when she was 4 and my mother volunteered.  After my sister graduated, my mother continued to volunteer and became part of the staff.  When I was in the 7th grade, I was home schooled and came to the school everyday with my mom and I saw how God shined through the people that worked here and knew that one day I wanted to be a part of that.

I hope that the students that come  are able to take some of the things that they learn and memories that they make with them in life for a long time and use them to grow into kind and caring children of God.

I have a diploma from Virginia College in Pastry Arts and am working towards my Florida Childcare Provider Credential.


corey bio (2).jpg

Corey Ellison, Assistant VPK Teacher 4D

My family and I love all things Disney, water and Florida Gators.

My oldest attended ACP for VPK and we fell in love with the school.  A couple of years later I was asked to come back and substitute while my two-year old attended.  Our love only grew for the school and staff after seeing what happens here from the inside.  It was the place I wanted to be.  When a full-time position opened, my heart knew this is where God wanted not only my family, but me as well. I want each child to excel academically and to love learning, however, the number one thing I want them to walk away with is a knowledge of Christ's love for them and to know that with Him ALL things are possible.


Samantha Lawrence, Assistant VPK Teacher 4A

Scrapbooking, music, diamond painting, reading, writing and organization are some of my outside interests.  I am blessed to have a family that supports me in the goals I set for my life.  I also have a cat named Sasha who is always willing to give me plenty of cuddles when I return home.

When I was in high school, my plan was to take band.  My plans ended up changing and I began looking for a new path.  Remembering how children gravitated to me, I decided to take Early Childhood Education.  After my first year, I was in love and wanted to further my childcare knowledge and teach the children . I hope to accomplish showing the children how much they are loved by God and their teachers.  I hope to show them the extraordinary things God has made in this world; including how amazingly he has made each one of them.  I hope to watch them grow and learn new skills.  I love seeing the smiles that come to the children's faces when they realize what they have accomplished.

I have a high school diploma and a Florida Childcare Professional Certification.

LeNea's bio pic.jpeg

LeNea Chambers, Assistant VPK & Extended Day Teacher


 I am very family oriented. I grew up doing almost everything with my parents and two sisters. My hobbies include reading, playing video games and sometimes I like to draw. ACP is close to my heart because it is where I attended preschool and Kindergarten. I returned to ACP as a volunteer shortly after graduating high school.  I really felt called so I answered the call and began my official ACP journey almost 2 years ago.


Kylee Scarborough, Assistant 3s & Extended Day Teacher


 I have been working in childcare going on four years but I have been a part of the ACP family for a year now. I come from a blended family, I am the youngest of my mom's three girls but quickly became a big sister to my dad's  two daughters. Growing up I loved going to church, my parents and grandparents always made sure we had a ride to church every Sunday and Wednesdays, as well as any other events going on at the church. I strive to make each day a fun day! My plan is to continue working while I attend college and to  cherish every moment that I am a part of the ACP family.

susan bio pic.jpg

Susan D'Addario, Assistant VPK Teacher 4B


My husband Scott and I have been married for 31 years, and I have 3 children; Christopher, Marie and Andrew. Some of my favorite things to do outside of work, is spending time with my family, taking vaction trips and going to baseball games. My bucket list goal is to visit every Major League Stadium. My relationship with ACP grew from being a room mom when my son Andrew attended the school. From there I became a substitute teacher which lead to becoming an assistant teacher. I was led by how much I enjoyed helping children when I initially subbed in the classroom. I want the children to know about Jesus and to always feel loved, safe, and happy in my care. I have been with ACP for almost 15 years, I have an Associates of Science Degree in Business as well as a Staff Credential.

Becky's bio pic (2).jpg

Becky Nichols, Extended Day Teacher


I am a mother, grandma and great grandma, with 2 children, 5 grandchildren and almost 3 great grands, whom I love very much. I love the word of God as well as gardening, taking pictures, going to the beach and camping. This is my first year working at ACP and I really enjoy working with the kids. I love that I'm a part of leading them to Christ by helping them get to know Jesus.

Ashleigh's bio pic.jpg

Ashleigh Surrency, Extended Day Teacher

 I graduated from Ridgeview High School with my High School Diploma in Early Childhood while also earning my CDA CPR/First AID certifications. I live with my mother,

father, and sister and I attend Florida State College in Jacksonville. I like to spend time with my family and friends, whether going out for dinner, watching a movie, or walking around Target.  God led me to the path of early childhood at a young age. I have been the nanny for a family for three and half years now, but I started out helping in the church nursery. Growing up and helping in church showed me how to love and care for children individually. I would also observe and help my mother care for my little cousins, seeing her love for kids was my motivation. My mom, who is also a teacher in early education, has been an example for me my entire life.  My goal is to set a Godly example for the children. I believe that I can encourage and motivate children to do their best work

through Christ. Working in a Christian environment strengthens my spiritual guidance,

self-discipline, and forgiveness. My aim is to add Christian character and values to their education.


Noah Thomas, Music and Chapel Teacher


I am married to a wonderful man named Paul and I have two teenage girls.  Kayla is 18 years old and in her 2nd year of college at FSCJ and Arnessa is 16 years old and an 11th grader at Lighthouse Christian School.  I love to read and I enjoy watching movies. Ths is my third year teaching Chapel and Music

I pray that the children learn from me that God is so awesome and that he loves all of us.  I want them to know that it is okay to be silly sometimes and God loves that too.  I also want them to grow to be bold enough to tell someone else about Jesus so that they might be saved. I have 3 years of experience in the military as a corpsman and I am the Children's Ministry Director at The Church at Argyle.

Colleens profile.jpg

Colleen Condon, Librairan

I started my teaching career at ACP in 2003 when my daughter graduated preschool. Over the next two years, I began as an assistant in the 2 year old class and after receiving my teaching certificate I became a lead teacher in the 3’s. Those first students have graduated high school now and are onto college. I left after 5 years to seek full time employment and to navigate being a single mom. My heart never left and I yearned for a day I could return. After 5 years being gone and working in a couple of daycares, I came home to ACP and have never regretted it. I now work as the librarian here and love seeing all the children. Teaching has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I love this school. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Currently, I keep my grandson a couple days a week and come to the school at least once a week to keep the library in order. I love sewing for my granddaughters and making cards. My husband, Tom, and I love to travel and my favorite place to be is the mountains. 

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